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AH Peruvian Grandstander (Sold)

The male from our breeding " AH Peruvian Grandstander" is another one of the new breeding of Alpaca Holland.
He is a son of "AH Peruvian Vengador".
It is becoming more and more clear, that the offspring of Vengador (also a Champion) indisputably belongs to the top of Europe (see stud males ).
The first offspring of Vengador have been in the Netherlands and Germany already achieved great prices.
One of his offspring is this "AH Peruvian Grandstander", his fleece is offered on short term for testing.
His fibertesting looks already very good. Fibertesting:  2014    2015

Double gold for Alpaca Holland in AZVD Alpaca pedigree book 2013.

Of all the alpacas inspected over the years for the AZVD Zuchtbuch (German Alpaca Association pedigree book), no breeder has equalled Alpaca Holland's high placing. We are particularly proud once again to be the only breeder in the AZVD ZUCHTBUCH 2013 to gain two gold classifications in the ZEP inspections by the AZVD, for a stallion and a mare. Additionally, many other alpacas from our breeding farm received silver or bronze.
The gold in the mares' class went to:
Accoyo Victoria, who, considering her age, is still producing beautiful, strong offspring. At 17 years of age, she is still fertile and we hope she will bring another winning cria into the world this year.

The gold in the stallion class went to the now deceased:
Accoyo Amando, who has produced beautiful offspring, including many show winners and champions at home and abroad.

Both Accoyo gold winners were imported directly from Peru, from the world famous Don Julio Barreda, possibly the most famous breeder ever.

AH Peruvian Friso Wol van AH Peruvian Friso
It is with great pride that we announce the achievements of Accoyo Amando's offspring, in particular AH Peruvian Friso (property of the Borrmann Family in Germany). AH Peruvian Friso is a true Elite Stallion. He was very successful at shows in his first year (Reserve Champion at Kreuth 2008 and Krefeld 2008). His offspring now dominate national shows and are, almost without exception, highly placed.
Both mares and stallions have won many Grand and Reserve Champion titles. His successful offspring include Fricara (Grand Champion Alsfeld, 2012 Colour Champion Alsfeld 2012, Reserve Colour Champion Burgstädt 2012), Frigirl (Reserve Colour Champion Bayreuth 2011), Frilander (Colour Champion Burgstädt 2012, Reserve Champion Burgstädt, Reserve Colour Champion Hamm 2012,
Grand Colour Champion Alsfeld 2012) and Frimonti (Reserve Colour Champion Alsfeld 2012).

His offspring are particularly successful in terms of breadth and won him the title "best stallion in the offspring class" three times (Alsfeld 2012, Burgstädt 2012, Schwandorf 2010). Many of his male offspring, including Friman, Frilander and Frimonti, have also matured into very successful stallions and are now with international breeders.
The high level of continuity in AH Peruvian Friso's line and his high quality undoubtedly make him one of the best and most influential stallions in Germany.
His strong genotype is no coincidence: Friso's pedigree is a testament to the quality of his family. His father is the famous Accoyo Amando, another producer of top quality offspring.
Friso's mother Peruvian Valerie (one of our very best mares) was also imported from Peru. She comes from the world famous Rural Alianza breeding farm. So Friso brings together the genetic characteristics of two of the best known and most influential Peruvian breeders (Accoyo x Rural Alianza).
Peruvian Valerie also produces animals of high genetic quality with almost unmatched wool quality, and deservedly won 2nd place in the AZVD mares' pedigree book.
Her offspring are much in demand at home and abroad and are generally sold before they are born. In 2009 Valerie produced another stallion, AH Peruvian Vengador, an animal of the highest quality, half brother of AH Peruvian Friso. Vengador has also done extremely well at the shows where he has been exhibited.
AH Peruvian Vengador: Show Hapert 2011 (1st place: white stallions12-24 months) Best white stallion and Reserve Champion. Show Assen 2011 (1st place: white stallions 24-48 months) Best white stallion and Reserve Champion. (Grand Champion Fleece) AH Peruvian Beatrix is a full sister of AH Peruvian Friso and was Grand Champion at the show in Hapert in 2008.

AH Peruvian Vivian is a daughter of Accoyo Amando and a full sister of AH Peruvian Friso: her daughter ARNL Fianne was the best white alpaca at the Int. Alpaca Show in the Netherlands in 2012.

AH Peruvian Inti, is also a daughter of Accoyo Amando, her sun AWB Peruvian Giacomo was the "Grand Champion" the best white and the best selb bred Alpaca by Alpaca World Brielle on the Int. Alpaca Show in the Netherlands in 2013.

This is further proof of the continuous high quality of the bloodline. The offspring of Accoyo Amando and Peruvian Valerie are animals of the highest quality, nationally and internationally. Their sons are undoubtedly also the most influential studs and are greatly in demand. AH Peruvian Friso has more than proven that these bloodlines are incredibly successful, both at shows and when it comes to ZEP inspections by the AZVD. During this inspection he received no fewer than 99 points, making him one of the best stallions in Germany.
Alpaca Holland is the first Alpaca breeder in the Benelux since 1997 to breed Pure Peruvian Alpacas, mainly Huacayas.
We are therefore proud to be one of the leading breeders in Europe and are able to share our knowledge and experience of many years with existing and future Alpaca breeders, mainly in The Netherlands but also in other countries.
The show results we have achieved and those of our relations are proof of this. Alpaca Holland (AH) Alpacas are very popular on the Alpaca market.

We have strongly reduced the quantity of our Alpaca herd, but we still have a herd with more than 30 Pure Peruvian Alpacas with an very high quality.
Our Alpacas are healthy and have a high quality, very dens and fine wool structure with a lot of uniform shrinkage and a beautiful sheen all over the animal.
We are strongly in favour of having our Alpacas selected, especially so that we can combine the good qualities in our animals from different bloodlines, but also in order to prevent, as much as possible, that genetic flaws are passed on to the offspring.
Our animals descend from world famous breeders in Peru, such as Accoyo (Don Julio Barreda †) and Rural Alianza.
During the selection of the animals a lot of attention is paid to: the quality of the wool, flaws in leg and gait (especially knock-knees and cow hocks), nipples, back and tail, correct size and proportions and, also important, the teeth.
When an Alpaca has good teeth it is unnecessary to perform work on them, such as the dreadful filing of the teeth. From our experience of many years we have experienced that Alpacas with good teeth are capable of keeping their teeth in the right position and length, making filing absolutely unnecessary.

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